Welcome reader~

I grew up in a 3rd world country, it isn’t important which one. Like every kid I loved video games. My uncle sent me a Game Boy from overseas when I was 10 or so and I spent every free moment (and some not so free ones) glued to its little screen in blissful ignorance of the world outside.

Then one day I discovered the magic of the video game arcade. It was a fleeting experience, the nearest center was in a city more than a thousand kilometers away, but it stuck in my mind. I remember spending hours lost in the lights and sounds. I played everything I could get my hands on! Time Crisis, Killer Instinct, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Pac Man and 1942. This last one especially drove a wedge into my thoughts. There was something about it. Something so simple and yet so unforgiving. Oh and how I sucked at it! It must have been painful to watch but I was hooked. I had no way to feed this interest. I had no consoles of my own and no way to practice. Still I obsessed about the game. I bought any magazines I could find and memorised tips and strategies by heart. 

 I never got to consistently play it or anything like it, so my interest faded. It never died mind you, it just faded. Years later it would re-emerge but still find no outlet. Still that was a good 12 years down the line.

Life and the world, moved on. School became more strenuous. Girls became interesting and teenage awkwardness mixed with peer pressure kicked in. Boarding school made gaming almost impossible and life in general started to assert a dull and inevitable pressure on my life. 

So I slogged my way through the usual stuff. I got some degrees. Worked at my career. Traveled some. Saw my life heading down a straight line and broke out. Yup. I’ve left the good old 3rd world behind me. I took a chance, put it all in my back mirror and rolled the dice. I packed up my life into one little backpack and got on a plane. Starting over is a damned scary thing let me tell you. Was it a wise choice? Was it worth it? Honestly it’s too early to tell.

So what is this blog all about? Well let me put it this way…

Out there is where I push a trolley full of newspapers so I can make rent, eat and get my foot in the door of an international career.

In here though is where I talk about my love of shmups and the strange similarities between their never ending challenge and my never ending quest to become a writer.

In short, this is the place of hopes, dreams and adventure.

Join me and together we will chase the next high score!