After reading up on the rank system  of Battle Garegga I decided to try out Battle Bakraid. I’d never played this game before and knew next to nothing about it. So full of doubt I fired it up and decided to see what all the fuss is about.

Battle Bakraid is a game by 8ing and is the sequel to Battle Garegga. The game itself isn’t very much like its predecessor as described in Malc‘s review. I shouldn’t go into details about the differences as I haven’t clocked enough hours on Battle Garegga to have a valid opinion yet. One change is easy to see and anyone who’s played a bit of both should spot this difference immediately. The graphics instantly tell you that these games are related but the biggest plus point for me is that the bullets have been changed. In Battle Garegga I struggle because I have to collect medals, shoot enemies, keep an eye on rank and dodge bullets. This is made difficult because the bullets are slim and hard to see. Half the time I die is because a bullet I never even saw hit my ship full on. I can appreciate that it makes things more realistic and thus harder but I’m honestly just not at that level yet. I’m not knocking Battle Garegga at all. I’m admitting that I don’t have what it takes to manage all the game requires yet.

I truly love Battle Bakraid. There is so much to it. The game oozes options from the mode select menu to the huge amount of fighter planes. Just selecting your ship with a different button each time will change the way it reacts in battle fundamentally.

Then there’s the medal, scoring and rank systems to consider.  There just seems to be so much to this game. So much to read about and try out. It will take time to perfect the layers of complexity in this game but damnit I really want to commit to it. Battle Bakraid is easy to get into but hard as nails to masters but I’m just so into it.

From here on out I will be bending all my attention towards 8ing‘s brilliant little shooter. This is the game I want to 1CC frist but I want more than that. I want to get good at the game. I want to learn it inside out and learn the techniques needed to attain a killer score.

A played Battle Bakraid seriously for about an hour today and this is what I’ve achieved. It’s nothing great and the score is laughable but that will change soon enough!

The first steps