Well it’s been a little while since I’ve posted something but there is a good reason for that.. well… two… well you’ll see.

First off is Norway! Yup. Winter people, real Winter. It’s not even here yet and I’m already suffering a bit. The temperature is dropping steadily and the first snow has started falling, it’s snowing right now actually. Up until now I’ve been living in a place with 40degree celsius Summers and Winters that dip below zero sometimes but always after daytime temperatures around the 20’s and 30’s. Now I get to look forward to -20’s I hear.
Take the black! Man the wall!

I wasn’t kidding when I said that starting over in a new country is hard. My job right now is delivering newspapers at 2AM in the morning come rain or snow and that can be tough. Now there’s also the added element of the sun going down around 4PM to confuse my body. It’s all very exciting and I love it to be honest but adjusting to it all can leave a person really tired.

Secondly I’ve been offered a job back in Africa for a few months that I have to take. I am a cameraman and editor and soon I will go back to the desert to make a documentary on cheetah! It’s a big deal and will help me get somewhere in Norway after I get back. The problem is that for this job I will be living in a tent in the bush for weeks at a time. Because of this I doubt that I will be able to get much practice playing STG’s.
I do look forward to posting some pictures of shmup gaming in front of elephants and lions though!

So I’m shifting this blog a bit. From here on out I will be concentrating mostly on handheld games with RPG’s featuring heavily in addition to shmups. I will be doing this because I love both genres and because in a way they complement each other perfectly. One genre is built mainly around story telling while the other is built completely around gameplay. I think there will be some interesting comparisons to be made. Hell, some games in the past have even combined the two genres in spectacular fashion.
Oh! Handheld gaming also perfectly fits in with the middle-of-nowhere lifestyle I will be embracing in 2013.

Well I guess that’s about all i have to say really.

I hope this post finds you all brilliantly happy and entertained.



2 thoughts on “QUICK UPDATE

  1. Wow, you must have a very exciting working routine, man.
    Leaving our hobbies aside is disappointing, but I wish you success in the new venture. And I think I’ve never seen anyone who liked shmups and RPGs to the same degree. Years ago I tried to play an RPG for 5 minutes and gave up. Not my cup of tea.
    Enjoy the snow! 🙂

    • The routine sucks man.. seriously haha
      I get up at 1AM every morning the run around to get all the papers delivered by 6AM. It’s a nightmare. Today it was so cold that the water in my water bottle started freezing!
      Moving to a new country sucks I tell you. Jeez.
      I’ve loved RPGs since I played Final Fantasy the first time. I love the stories in them. Also it’s a very laid back, relaxing sort of gaming. I can see myself playing RPGs when I’m 80

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